1/ How long can the ice be preserved?
For preserving the quality of the ice is preferable its storage at temperatures below 0 C, but keeping it in refrigerators or thermo-boxes for up to 12 hours is possible.

2/ How can I calculate the quantity of ice needed for a party?
If you are going to cool beer and soft drinks in a big vessel calculate 1 kg per person. You will be sure to have cold drinks all night. If you intend to put ice only in the glasses, 250-300 grams per person would be enough.

3/ How much ice is necessary for a drink?
Usually 4-5 ice cubes for a cocktail and 2 for a soft drink.

4/ How many cubes are there in a package?
Our 2 kg bags contain 100 ice cubes and the 5 kg 250.

5/ Sometimes the ice cubes stick to one another in a lump. What shall I do?
It is sufficient to hit the bag on a hard surface and the cubes separate again. This doesnt spoil its quality as the ice is ice with any shape and cools equal.